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September 25, 2016

Q&A With Your Sense of Humor

Here are some questions that can help determine and develop your present sense of humor. Think of three situations in which you laughed last month and try to answer:

- Why did you laugh?
- What was the context?
- How did you relate to the subject?
- Was the humor original?
- Was the humor intended or not?
- Was it spontaneous or prepared?
- Did it disrupt the circumstances?
- What do you think of the person who caused or created it?
- Was the particular wording or sounding of the humor important?
- How important do you think timing and intonation were?
- How did others respond to the humor?
- Do you think these others were important for your appreciation of the humor?
- Are the three situations different or alike?

You can also use these questions to determine and develop your sense of non-humor, in case you didn't laugh while somebody was desperately trying to be funny. Repeat these questions every once in a while.